Concrete Masonry Lintels

Provides masonry support over door and window openings. Various sizes and loadings.​


Concrete Masonry Product Guide

Standard Colors

Aztec Gold Sandblast
Aztec Gold Smooth
Aztec Gold Split Face
Buff Sandblast
Buff Smooth
Buff Split Face
Charcoal Smooth
Charcoal Sandblast
Charcoal Split Face
Light Buff Smooth
LightBuff Split Face
LightBuff Sandblast
River Rock Smooth
River Rock Split Face
RiverRock Sandblast
Sandy Red Sandblast
Sandy Red Smooth
Sandy Red Split Face

Plus Colors

Graphite Smooth
Graphite Split Face
Pioneer Leather Sandblasted
Pioneer Leather Smooth
Pioneer Leather Split Face
Smoky Rose Sandblasted
Smoky Rose Smooth
Smoky Rose Split Face
Buff Cream Split Face
BuffCream Smooth
Cobblestone Sandblasted
Cobblestone Smooth
Cobblestone Split Face
Graphite Sandblasted
Buff Cream Sandblasted

Premium Colors

Aspen White Sandblast
Aspen White Smooth
Aspen White Split Face
Deep Maroon Sandblast
Deep Maroon Smooth
Deep Maroon Split Face
Light Sierra Sandblast
Light Sierra Smooth
Light Sierra Split Face
Saddle Brown Sandblast
Saddle Brown Smooth
Saddle Brown Split Face
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