Care Statement

The natural materials that we use in our paving stones and retaining wall products deliver a range of colors that closely match color samples in catalogs, spec books, color swatch books and online photos. However, Oberfields cannot guarantee exact color matching. Our pavers and walls can vary slightly in color depending on environmental conditions. Therefore, colors shown are approximate representations of standard colors and shouldn’t be expected to an exact match. Final color selections should be made at your local dealer from stock product or displays. Oberfields always recommends immediately verifying the product and color upon receipt. If there are any discrepancies, contact your local dealer before continuing your project. Installation of the product constitutes its acceptance. Proper installation enhances the overall color of pavement. Units should be randomly picked from at least two pallets when installing. This creates an attractive and subtle blending of color.

Our warranty does not apply to efflorescence. Efflorescence is a whitish, powder like deposit that can appear on the surface of concrete pavers. When cement hydrates, calcium hydroxide is formed. A reaction occurs between the calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide (from the air) to form water-insoluble calcium carbonate, which is then called efflorescence. Efflorescence does not have an effect on the structural performance or durability of the concrete pavers. Oberfields includes admixtures in their concrete pavers to help minimize efflorescence, but efflorescence is a natural occurrence in all concrete products. Oberfields does not warrant concrete pavers and/or walls that it manufactures against the appearance of efflorescence. Efflorescence may appear immediately or within months following installation. It may remain for months or some of it may wear away. Deposits may be removed from the concrete paver surface by using proprietary efflorescence removers. Before purchasing or applying any chemicals to remove deposits, please consult your local dealer for efflorescence removal chemicals.

Polymeric Haze
Polymeric haze from the use of polymeric joint sand may appear on your concrete products if the sand was not removed from the surface of the paver properly. This does not affect the integrity of the product or your installation. The hazing will weather away naturally with time and rain. It can be removed with a specialized cleaner; you are advised to contact your contractor or the polymeric sand company used for advice on recommendations. Oberfields accepts no responsibility or liability for this occurrence.

Construction Residue
A by-product of cutting with a saw is residue-filled water or concrete dust. Residue-filled water or re-hydrated dust can cling to the surface and leave a concrete stain. It is recommended to wash and remove the water or concrete dust from the surface of the pavers before it dries. Construction residue can also happen through soil disturbance or environmental elements. These contaminants should be removed immediately but do not affect the integrity of the product or your installation. Oberfields accepts no responsibility or liability for these occurrences.

Compactor and Snow Removal
Oberfields pavers with textured surfaces have high and low points on the surface that give it more of an aesthetic appeal. However, pavers with textured surfaces are susceptible to surface scuffing when they are compacted into place. Therefore, these types of pavers should always be compacted with plate compactors that incorporate a protective mat or other medium between the plate compactor and the surface of the Oberfields pavers. This system will help ensure that paver surface scuffing is kept to a minimum. These protective mediums include: rubber matting, thin carpet or cardboard. Manufacturers of plate compactors are able to recommend other products that can also be used for this purpose. For further information on interlocking concrete paver details, technical information, and recommended construction practices, visit ICPI at

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