As a hardscape contractor, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to attend an informative and interactive training event coming to your area. Oberfields, will be presenting a paver & wall training course that will allow you to become an Oberfields Authorized Contractor. This comprehensive course will cover all aspects of installation best practices. We will dive in-depth regarding job estimating, job planning, engineering, installation, and more. Hands-On Demo Portion each day. Attendees will be tested on their knowledge of course material. Those receiving at least a 75% or above on the exam will be granted Oberfields Authorized Contractor status.*

Our goal is to connect interested homeowners to Oberfields Authorized Contractors in their area. Oberfields Authorized Contractors will be promoted on our website, catalogs, and in regional digital marketing.

*Oberfields Authorized Contractors must attend course, score a 75% or above on exam, remain current on monies owed, and exhibit loyalty on Oberfields leads.