Weathered Versa-Lok® Mosaic

Recreate the intimate setting of a quaint European countryside right in your own backyard using Weathered Versa-Lok® Mosaic® Retaining Walls. Marvel at the age-old craftsmanship each and every random-patterned Mosaic® wall exudes. Three unique Versa-Lok® units-Standard, Cobble, and Accent-combine to form a Mosaic® wall that’s redolent of another age. 


Versa-Lok Weathered Standard
16(face) x 14(rear) x 12 D x 6 H

Weathered Cobble
8" (face) x 12" D x 6" H

Weathered Accent
12" (face) x 12" D x 4" H

Rectangular Cap
16" (face) x 1158" D x 358" H

Solid Corner Unit
758" (face) x 12" D x 6" H

Full Return Corner
16" (face) x 778" D x 6" H


Earth Blend

Flagstone Blend

Storm Blend

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