Non-Weathered Versa-Lok®

Engineered to retain heavy loads, Versa-Lok’s solid unit durability is the perfect fit. The only solid, true top-to-bottom pinned system on the market. No footings to pour, no cores to fill. One unit does it all.


16" (face) x 14" (rear) x 12" D x 6" H

Smooth Top Versa-Lok® 
16" (face) x 14" (rear) x 12" D x 6" H

Rectangular Cap
16" (face) x 11 58" D x 3 58" H

Bullnose Cap 
16" (face) x 1158" D x 358" H

Solid Corner
778 (face) x 12" D x 6" H

Full Return Corner
16" (face) x 778" D x 6" H


Antique Blend

Canyon Creek Blend


Chestnut Blend

Desert Sand

Earth Blend

Flagstone Blend

Granite Blend

Gray Blend

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