Rosetta Grand Flagstone

Grand Flagstone maintains the attractive texture and scale of large natural flagstone but in a consistent unit thickness only concrete can achieve, making for a comfortable and quality finished installation.


Layer 1
38” x 42”  (965 mm x 1067 mm) 

Layer 2
38” x 42”  (965 mm x 1066.8 mm) 

Layer 3
38” x 42”  (965 mm x 1067 mm) 

Layer 4
38” x 42”  (965 mm x 1067 mm)

All Rosetta Grand Flagstone pavers are 1 ¾” thick.


Cuyahoga Blend
(Special Order Only)

Scitoto Blend
(Special Order Only)

Mohican Blend
(Special Order Only


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